The task of this call for proposals ( was to develop an image for the 30th Heidelberg Symposium on the subject of “balance”.

Call for Proposals: Heidelberger Kunst- & Kulturpreis

December 2017

Freelance Project – Corporate Design


Stand-Up Man

The concept that I developed is based on the idea of a “stand-up man”: Each orange-yellow letter is in a key visual on a semicircle with a very low center of gravity. Even if the letters are knocked/overturned, they will automatically reposition themselves in an upright position due to gravity and thus are always in equilibrium. The swinging of the letters and the visual capture of these movements create exciting shapes and a dynamic key visual that attracts attention. In addition, bright colors give a fresh and friendly impression. The logo I designed, dominated by a lower half circle, is also abstractly linked to the idea of a stand-up man and is perfectly balanced by the symmetrical typographic arrangement.

Proposal 1


Creating a perfect balance is not always easy. Especially with complex and sometimes sensitive topics, which are discussed at the Heidelberg Symposium, theses must be supported with good arguments in order to maintain them more or less. I visually transported this in a key visual to a typographic design. The individual letters are in different positions and views, as the topics dealt with in the symposium must be viewed and questioned from different perspectives. They can not balance themselves and must therefore be supported by striving and thus be brought into balance. The logo emphasizes the symmetry of the individual letters through the vertical lines. The unequal distribution of the lines makes the logo appear dynamic and active and stands for the lively exchange between each other during the symposium.

Proposal 2