I designed this poster series and a brochure (and some other print products) for the City of Jülich (www.juelich.de) in Germany in cooperation with the “Kulturbüro Jülich” for their culture program to announce different plays.
The theater is all about emotion, therefore I searched for ways to visualize emotions. This year’s topic of their culture program was “creativity and research”. Consistent with this theme, I used various scribbling patterns, those express emotions. Some of the scribbling patterns seem more aggressive, some appear calm and relaxed, some joyful or dreamy. In an abstract way, the doodles show different feelings, that are to be evoked in the audience during a performance.

City of Jülich / Kulturbüro Jülich

June – August 2018

Freelance Work – Graphic Design (print)

Kultur-Programm 2018 / 2019