The task for this project was to visualize an important date on a poster. I picked a personally important date – 06-05-2011 – when I decided to study design and handed in my application and homework to my design school. At this time there were two dominating emotions: on the one hand I was happy to have made this decision, on the other hand I was confused, unsure if I fit into this study area and if I would be accepted.

The dynamic design of my poster visualizes the process from a black and stable life to a more colorful and creative future where everything is possible. I illustrated this transition by splitting up the color black into its printing ink basic colors C-M-Y, resulting in a color explosion. The poster is dominated by many unregular lines, showing my confusion and uncertainty around the date. The design represents movement and liveliness at this point of my life.

Project at Parsons. The New School for Design NYC

October 2015

5 color Silkscreen Poster Print

Date Pattern