In my work I picked up the out-of-date anaglyph technique used in 3D movies and examined this filter technology in the static image.

Project at KISD

November 2014

Graphic Design


Expanding Rooms – Stereoscopy In The Image

Conception of space is a skill that can help to understand relationships quickly. Not everyone has a good spatial imagination – but everyone can train it. Therefore, I developed a set of cards “Raummanie”. The aim of this set is to train operating with threedimensional objects in the imagination playfully and in a new way. At the same time 3D images are usually clearer and more immersive than 2D images. Therefore, the player is addressed and activated. The target group includes children and adults from 8 years. The Din A6 cards are designed as simple as possible. Basic geometric shapes were used since high levels of abstraction have to be managed by the player. There are seven different types of tasks. The objects have been created in Cinema4D.

Card Game