In this project, I developed three posters on the topic of student housing (“Wie ge-wohnt”) by interpreting the theme in a humorous, surprising and visually appealing way. They were displayed with 30 other posters in the exhibition “Raumkollektiv” on 13.12.2014 in cooperation with “KULTUR/ küsst/KÖLN” in Werkstatt Stadtwaldholz in Cologne and in the magazine null22eins.

Moreover the poster “Twenty of me” was one of the best 30 in the competition and was therefore shown in an exhibition which was touring for nearly two years through all kinds of student services (“Studentenwerke”) throughout Germany.

29th Poster Competition (“Wie ge-wohnt”) in Cooperation with Deutsches Studentenwerk (German Student Union)

November 2014

Project at KISD – Graphic Design

Student Living

That’s enough? – Twenty of me

This Din A1 poster plays with its own size as a reference, because it‘s the equivalent of a half square meter. With its slogan it criticizes the minimum number of square meters for living.

Poster 1

Arrangements are half the rent

Here is the “scarce of living space that is affordable for students” theme. Ironically the stacking of home furniture in miniature look of doll furniture is titled as “order”. However, the slogan throws out a positive feeling. The student is already satisfied with little.

Poster 2

Colorful Mix

This poster presents an infographic and visualizes the diversity of living forms from students. A key in the lower right corner give some indication of which way of living depends on which color.

Poster 3